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Proceedings of the 2022 LIKE Mother Earth Conference

Title: A Study on the Effect of Daily Weather on Quarterly Retail Revenues

Authors: Susan Sun, Hang Xiang, Graham Watt, Yuri Lawryshyn

Title: Automated Traffic Incident Detection with Two-Stream Neural Networks

Authors: Andrew Alberts-Scherer, Matthew Kowal

Title: Attention-based Remaining Useful Lifetime (ARUL) prediction for Aero-propulsion Systems

Authors: Arash Noori, Serena McDonnell, Amir Amjadian, Ehsan Amjadian, Muhammad Rizwan Abid

Title: Object Detection for Autonomous Lawn Mower based on YOLO V3

Authors: Gabrielle Simms, Muhammad Abid

Title: Self-supervised learning for timeseries from multi-spectral satellite imagery

Authors: Chris Bethune, Philippe Horne, Zachary Hills, Steve Kramer, Jeffrey Gleason, Ben Johnson, Ezekial Barnett, Richard Brath, Scott Langevin

Title: A Deep Learning Approach For Deforestation Prediction

Authors: Varun Goyal, Akshat Sharma, Priyanshu Yadav, Ayush Gupta, Naishadh Parmar, Tushar Goswamy, Vatsalya Tandon, Mithil Mandape, Deval Pandya

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