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Kara Selke

JD, CIPT, CIPP/E, FIP, CLP - Vice President of Commercial Development & Privacy

StreetLight Data, Inc.

Kara Selke, JD, CIPT, CIPP/E, FIP, CLP is Vice President of Commercial Development & Privacy for StreetLight Data, Inc., a company using location based services (LBS) data from connected cars, GPS enabled phones, and other connected devices to create transportation analytics.  Kara joined StreetLight early on with the two founders, building privacy by design into the organization, leading commercial development and securing the data assets required to build the company’s core transportation analytics platform. Prior to joining StreetLight, Kara held various positions in mapping for in-vehicle navigation, geospatial privacy, licensing, and law, including as SVP of Intellectual Property & Privacy for DMTI Spatial, Inc., VP of Intelligent Mapping at Navitrak, and Manager of Emerging Markets at Navteq (acquired by Nokia, currently HERE). Kara is member of the Advisory Board at Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), an active member of the IAPP, and formerly served as Vice-Chair and Board Member of ITS Canada, Expert Delegate to ISO-TC204 and TC211, and was a founder of The Centre For Geospatial Law & Policy.

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Bruce Ross

Group Head; Technology and Operations at RBC

Bruce Ross, Group Head of Technology & Operations, is responsible for the strategy and overall management of global technology and operations for RBC’s five businesses, including applications development, infrastructure and enterprise operations. As a member of the Group Executive, Bruce is one of 10 executives responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for Canada’s biggest bank. He is also a member of the Group Operating Committee, which is responsible for leading operations across the Bank.

Since joining in 2014, Bruce has spearheaded a transformative technology strategy, playing an instrumental role in delivering on RBC’s ambition to become the #1 digitally enabled relationship bank. He is passionate about investing in top tech talent to drive key imperatives for RBC. These include leveraging data and insights to drive value for clients, executing large and innovative technology programs, keeping RBC and clients safe with a world-class cybersecurity strategy, and investments in emerging technologies.

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Chris Hadfield

Astronaut | First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station! 

Referred to as “the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong,” Colonel Chris Hadfield is a worldwide sensation whose video of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” — seen by over 75 million people — was called “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created”, by Bowie himself. Acclaimed for making outer space accessible to millions, and for infusing a sense of wonder into our collective consciousness not felt since humanity first walked on the Moon, Hadfield continues to bring the marvels of science and space travel to everyone he encounters.



Hadfield has flown three space missions, built two space stations, performed two spacewalks, crewed the Shuttle and Soyuz, and in 2013 became the commander of the International Space Station for six months off planet.


Formerly NASA’s director of operations, Hadfield is a heavily decorated astronaut, engineer, and pilot whose many awards include the Order of Canada, the Meritorious Service Cross, and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal. He was named the Top Test Pilot in both the US Air Force and the US Navy, and was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame.


An internationally bestselling author, Hadfield has written three books: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, You Are Here, and his children’s book, The Darkest Dark. In 2021, he will release his new book, The Apollo Murders — a thriller set in space. He’s also released a musical album, Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can, and is featured on for his talk, What I Learned from Going Blind in Space, which has been viewed more than 11 million times.


Hadfield is the co-creator and host of the internationally acclaimed BBC series Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?, as well as the co-host, with actor Will Smith, of National Geographic’s One Strange Rock, directed by Darren Aronofsky. He also produces the celebrated Rare Earth series on YouTube and is the creator of the on-stage celebration Generator, which combines science, comedy, and music.


Additionally, Hadfield is an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo, an adviser to SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, and chair of the board of the Open Lunar Foundation.

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David Lamb

Chief Scientist, Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre, Australia
Adjunct Professor (Applied Physics and Precision Agriculture), University of New England, Australia

David is a physicist and has worked in precision agriculture for more than 25 years. He has led more than 40 industry-funded R&D projects. In 2002 he established the University of New England's Precision Agriculture Research Group, in 2007 the internationally renowned UNE SMART Farm ( and more recently the Charles Sturt University Global Digital Farm. A passionate advocate for rural and regional telecommunications, David recently completed reviews of telecommunications challenges and opportunities for a number of Australian agriculture sectors and is also an advisor on a number of sector-specific technical innovation groups and communities of interest.


David is presently the Chief Scientist of Food Agility, an AU$150M+, 10 year Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) focussed on transforming the agrifood sector using the power of data and digital.
This presentation will outline a number of recently-launch CRC initiatives focussed on measuring, modelling and managing land use sustainability and carbon/GHG accounting at scale in Australia.

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Will Cadell

CEO and Founder, Sparkgeo

Founded Sparkgeo, the global, modern geospatial consultancy. A business leader with a background in engineering, remote sensing and strategy, I love discovering and building new markets for scalable geographic technology.

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Steven Adler

CEO and ounder, The Ocean Data Alliance

The Ocean Data Alliance had its launch at The United Nations, and is working on business solutions to critical ocean challenges.

Prior to The Ocean Data Alliance, Steven was IBM's Chief Data Strategist and member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team. He helped invent Internet Insurance and the Data Governance Industry. He served on the US Commerce Department Data Advisory Council, NY Civil Liberties Board of Directors, and was a co-chair of industry standards committees at W3C and OASIS. He holds four patents and two US President's Volunteer Leadership Awards, has co-authored marine science papers, white papers on Smart Cities, and gave a TEDx Talk on Africa Open Data.

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Jan Kestle

President at Environics Analytics

At Environics Analytics, we take pride in our reputation for producing the best data products and software in the industry. Established in 2003, Environics Analytics has quickly grown to be one of the premier marketing and analytical services company in ​North America. Specializing in proprietary data, purpose-built software, and industry-focused consulting, we provide data-driven analytics to help organizations of all sizes to better understand customers and markets.

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Anil Arora

Chief Statistician of Canada

Anil Arora was appointed Chief Statistician of Canada in September 2016.

Mr. Arora has led significant transformational initiatives throughout his career, with experience and partnerships spanning all three levels of government, the private sector and international organizations, including the UN and the OECD. He has led projects on high-profile policy issues, legislative and regulatory reform, and overseen large national programs.

In 1988, Mr. Arora joined Statistics Canada where he served in several positions, including regional operations, corporate services and the redesign of the dissemination function. In 2000, he became Director of Census Management Office and subsequently the Director General responsible for all aspects of the 2006 Census. In this role, Mr. Arora led the most comprehensive redesign of the Program, including the introduction of an online questionnaire. Following the successful delivery of the 2006 Census he became the Assistant Chief Statistician of Social, Health and Labour Statistics from 2008 to 2010.

In 2009, Mr. Arora received the prestigious APEX Leadership Award in recognition of his exceptional leadership skills and management excellence.

In 2010, Mr. Arora joined Natural Resources Canada as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Minerals and Metals Sector, and in 2013 was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister of Science and Policy Integration. He moved to Health Canada in 2014, becoming Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Products and Food Branch and leading a complex organization overseeing regulation of food, drug and health products for Canada. He also served as chair of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities.

Mr. Arora attended the University of Alberta, where he earned a Bachelor of Science, followed by further education in computing science and management, including a graduate certificate in Advanced Public Sector Management at the University of Ottawa, and the Advanced Leadership Program at the Canada School of Public Service.

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Matt McFarland

Geospatial Engineer at Microsoft 

Matt will be taking us through an introduction to Microsoft's Planetary Program!

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Charles Mondello

CTO of HySpecIQ


Melaina Vinski

Associate Partner and Head of Behaviour Science and Cognitive & Analytics Practice at IBM

Melaina is a behavioural science and behaviour change specialist with over a decade of experience in the experimental study of cognitive neuroscience and human behaviour, and over eight years of experience crafting evidence-based solutions on sustainability, stakeholder management, reputation risk, issues management, operational model design, and behaviour change.
As the former Behavioural Insights lead for PwC Canada and the current lead of Behavioural Science at IBM, Melaina is recognized as a leading expert in weaving behavioural science within traditional problem-solving paradigms to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing business and society. She holds a degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Business from the University of Guelph and a Masters and PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from McMaster University.

Charles Mondello is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at HySpecIQ, a company that is positioned to become the world’s leading provider of hyperspectral imagery—from state-of-the-art satellites to mission-critical solutions. In his role as CTO, Mondello manages the technical direction for the firm, using his experience across the geospatial industry to focus HySpecIQ’s technologies for success.


Mondello brings over three decades of experience in aerial and satellite data capture. He has held varied roles from President, CTO, EVP Corporate Development, VP of Sales, and Director of Products. His experience comes from multiple firms in the remote sensing sector and at companies like Kodak, EarthData, Litton, IBM, Pictometry, PDC, ESI, and Tomorrow’s Pixels to name a few. As a federal employee Mondello also worked at NRO on data capture and ground processing systems.


His expertise in technology has been seen as a PI leading multiple SBIRs. He also holds several dozen patents in the geospatial sector.


Mondello's professional accomplishments have included selection as the Director of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Primary Data Acquisition Division; as well as his election to serve as the Director of the ASPRS 10 Year Remote Sensing Strategic Forecast. Mondello developed and support both the Digital Aerial Guideline and Procurement Guideline for ASPRS. He has received numerous ASPRS Presidential Citations, the 2013 ASPRS Significant Achievement award, and was named an ASPRS Fellow in 2013. Mondello was selected to serve on the inaugural National Geospatial Advisory Committee led by at the time U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne.


Mondello has authored multiple articles in the trade and was a contributing author to Photogrammetric Platforms in the Manual of Photogrammetry 6th edition.


Mondello holds a BS and MS in Imaging Science, from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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